Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fashion Law Institute @ Fordham Law School

  THERE is one more chic reason to study at Fordham Law school. Except from it is located in  Midtown of Manhattan, it is the first law school which creates "Fashion Law Institute".
  After almost a semester in this school, I found myself inspired by this institute at least when I return to Thailand I may have some idea of pushing Intellectual Property right holders in Fashion and garment fields to concern more of their rights.
  Several years ago in Thailand, there was a campaign which attempt to promote Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand to be "The City of Fashion". I totally agreed with that campaign but it never become true because of many factors, which I am not going to state them here.
  Fashion has been involved in people lives more or less depending on their personalities and characteristics. Some may just buy cheap clothes from some street markets, some may buy them in high prices from haute-couture stores. But it can't be denied that clothes are  must for lives. 
  If this field of law has a chance to play more important role in Thailand, the creativity of our people and country will be legally protected. By legal protection, it can not only help adding artistic value to our products, but also motivating new designers to create (instead of copy) fashion which is one of the industrial properties.

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