Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Genetically Modified Organisms in Our Lives

Genetically Modified Organisms  (GMOs) is the big issue in this era. It is very crucial to create the law to control the action that might cause trouble and prevent people from seeking profits for themselves.
Consumer protection laws in the United States are one of the strongest laws in the world. Labeling the goods that they are GMO food is a requirement and it is beneficial to consumers in order to choose what to consume.
In Thailand, we do not have strong consumer protection regulations. Rather, they mostly protect investors or business owners that lead to monopoly and other problems.
From my perspective, scientists have tried to invent new technologies in order to make life easier or even make people immortal.
Since genetically modified food and its process is still questionable whether or not there are any bad side effect to human’s health, the consumers should be able to make their choice, real food or processed food.

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